How to care for Silverware

Silver objects can be enjoyed and preserved for generations with some basic care and attention.

  • It is best to avoid handling silver with bare hands because grease, oil, and salt on your skin can mark the surface.

  • Keep silver objects clean and free from dust and surface grime

  • Store silver in special flannel bags infused with particles of silver that will retard tarnish on your stored pieces

  • To polish silver serving pieces rinse each silver item in hot water to remove surface dust. Then, while the silver is still warm, use a moistened foam sponge to spread the silver polish. Finally, wash with mild dish soap and rinse in warm water

  • Avoid strong detergents, as traces can attack the surface of your flatware and cutlery

  • There are some gentle liquids, pastes, and foams that are sold specifically for cleaning silver. Do not use non-specific, all-purpose metal polishes because these contain harsher abrasives

  • On average, silver objects only require cleaning three to four times per year, particularly if the items are stored in their own case or covered in a drawer

  • All your sterling silver or silver-plated flatware and cutlery can be used in a dishwasher; however, it will cause premature scratching, so we recommend hand washing. Use dishwashers to the manufacturer’s instruction and always load your flatware and cutlery with care. Also avoid harsh detergents and ensure that your flatware and cutlery is dried immediately and thoroughly after the cycle has finished. Never subject your flatware and cutlery to the ‘rinse and hold’ cycles.