About us

It’s not by chance that Chordia’s is situated on a road whose name, Takht-e-Shahi, inspires fond memories of royalty and grace of a bygone era. Chordia’s aims to re-create the magic that was part of everyday life in the age of kings and emperors. In today’s hectic life, we seem to have forgotten a very pertinent saying; ‘Journey is as important as arriving’. Magic, in that grand era, embodied this very saying. An artifact wasn’t only about its final application but also the process that gave it shape.

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Factors and emotions like knowledge of the artisan, the sweat, tears, frustration, agony, and ecstasy were emotions that enriched the product. They gave it character that didn’t only show through, it shone through! This was the magic that we lost somewhere in between. Chordia’s is a manifestation of that very magic. Unique Silver artifacts, objects d’art, and furniture are created where equal emphasis is given to the process as well as the intended usage.

Chordia’s is a fully integrated Silverware and objects d’art company where state of the art infrastructure backs the brilliant native knowledge of artisans that was neglected for a long period of time. Chordia’s back its vision by employing a business model where product designers interact with historians; where 7th generation artisans work on state of the art machines; where all their efforts are synthesized and streamlined to create masterpieces in Silver and value for the customers. Since the process is as celebrated as the final product itself, 8 months utilized in creating a single artifact is like an extended celebration where every day promises to bring more beauty and grace to life. 
Chordia’s is more than a normal business. It’s a multifaceted, living entity. It’s a marriage of aesthetics and practicality, it’s a celebration of an age where extraordinary was an ordinary occurrence, it’s a patron of rare arts and talents and finding its relevance in today’s world. Above all, Chordia’s is about you and your desires. Chordia’s would like to extend an invitation to a like-minded patron of art to start an association with a lovely era.
Chordia's manufacturing facility is one of its kind in India employing state-of-the-art technology in silverware.

Chordia's carry on the royal tradition where master craftsmen are treated as jewels in the crown. Ancient techniques and Timeless workmanship is combined with latest technical know-how to produce exclusive creation in silver. Even the hand tools and machinery are imported from various countries like Germany, Italy & U.S.A.

Chordia’s R & D unit is constantly engaged in the revival of age-old techniques of producing exclusive silverware, which is now lost in the present day modern atmosphere. As well as about the latest technical developments taking place in various part of the world. Our research library has the same of the best collection of books on decorative arts, some of which are even more than 100 yrs old.

Chordia’s design unit engages the best product designer of India in designing objects d'art whose design elements trace back to Nature's two most beautiful creations - flora & fauna as well as the artistic heritage of Jaipur.

While designing pieces the usage & practical aspect is carefully considered so that the final piece is a harmonious blend of exclusive design and modern-day usage.

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People Behind Chordia's
With a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration from SwitzerlandAvant Chordia & Anant Chordia conceived & set up Chordia’s with a passion to create objets d’art catering to theglobal elite.
Anant Chordia has undergone an internship at Christie’s Jewellery department and a course in Diamond grading, Pearl grading & Gem identification at the Gemological Institute of America.He has completed a course in Silversmithing from a leading studio in New York, as well as a specialization course in 19th and 20th-century decorative arts covering Silverware, furniture, glass, and ceramics from the world-renowned Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London. Subsequently, he was involved in research in this field, for a year. Avant Chordia & Anant Chordia bring to Chordia’s their wealth of knowledge and international exposure.